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VIO-1 - Single Monitor Gas-Assist Support Arm w/ Quick-Mount

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The VIO-1 is an ergonomic must-have for any workspace, from corporate environments to home offices.  The correct ergonomic set-up in your office will improve your health and wellness and over the long haul, you'll be glad up stepped up and treated yourself to a little upgrade.  Being able to adjust the height and angle of my monitor makes all the difference on my sore neck and strained eyes.   I'll never go back to a standard monitor set-up again.  

Available in Black, SIlver, and White, the VIO-1 Monitor arm is an ideal complement to your workspace and an essential tool in your wellness routine. 


Supports monitors:

- up to 17.5 lbs. each. 

- from 5" up to 27" in size