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Sit-to-stand and height-adjustable and hi-lo are just a few of the words for the tables and desks that go up and down.  These are the standard in most professional office spaces as the ergonomic standard for user safety has risen to a new level.  The market for height adjustable tables has grown quickly in recent years and the technology behind it has grown quickly as well.  The newest models utilize a gyroscopic sensor to measure tipping or blockages.  Many also offer wire management covers and some even have convenient fold-out legs for easy installation and moving.  Adjust table Worksurfaces typically come in two styles, 2-stage and 3-stage.  This refers to the number of segments in the lifting columns.  The primary difference is that the 3-stage column has a greater reach.  The typical range on a 3-stage column might be 6” more than the 2-stage column.  It may not be important unless the user is very tall or very short.  The 2-stage models will offer enough range for the majority of users and can offer a significant savings for the company.

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