Chicago's rich history of manufacturing and trade continues. Go Local!

Look for the 'Chicago Local' logo for products that are made in Chicagoland, owned by a Chicago company, or benefit workers and people in Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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The ECO-Smart logo is shown next to products that are on their second or third life-cycle.  The products that display the ECO-Smart logo are repurposed, recycled, refurbished, refreshed, or re-imagined.  Most chairs are designed to last much longer than the lease timeframe of the company that bought them.  Find great values on well-made office furniture and do a little to help mother Earth at the same time. 

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Delivering Value by Serving Chicago

We are a Chicago-based online office furniture brand with a mission to cultivate and contribute to the local business community. Why? Because we believe keeping it local is good for everyone.

Our Chicagoland dealer showroom partners employ people in our neighborhoods to deliver quality office furniture products in workplaces throughout the community. It's how our local focus helps build businesses all over Chicago. 

We're ready to fulfill your needs - be it a new chair or a complete office furniture makeover with workstations, conference rooms, and executive offices. Spend some time with our office furniture professionals before you spend too much online. We are Chicagoland's one-stop shop for modern, vintage, classic and contemporary office furniture.

Northside, Southside, Chicago Loop, Naperville, Evanston, Schaumburg or Oak Park - our showrooms are conveniently located and eager to serve your office design or remodel project. We stay stocked with high-end office furniture brands that invest in our community and employ real Chicagoans like you.

Home offices are better workspaces when they are set up with the right work tools.  An ergonomic chair and height-adjustable desk are the basic essentials.  You'll also need a monitor arm and a good keyboard tray to maximize wellness in your workspace.