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Knoll office furniture, Life ergonomic executive task chair, black mesh, black fabric, polished aluminum frame, aluminum base, adjustable ergonomic features, chicagoofficechair.com
Knoll Designer Office Furniture, Life chair, executive management task seating, black mesh, black fabric, polished aluminum details. polished aluminum base, adjustable arms, chrome cylinder, chicagoofficechair.com
Knoll office chair, Life task seating, designer office chair, classic modern design, side view, black mesh, black fabric, polished aluminum base and accents, ergonomic classic office chair, chicagoofficechair.com

Knoll Life executive task chair - EcoSmart 2nd Life

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Knoll Life chairs are an iconic design statement.  The polished aluminum accents and stylish base bring this product to life.  Ergonomic design is good design and Knoll is known for design since it's inception.   These Knoll Life chairs have been reupholstered in black fabric and black mesh on the backrests.  The armrests are adjustable in 4 axis movement, so you can always get to the right comfort zone.  With a seat slider and an ergo design cushion, you'll find your body will appreciate the details that come with a high-end product like the Knoll Life chair.  If this was a sports car, it would be Italian and expensive and probably have a little horsey logo on the hood.  The Knoll Life executive task chair is a work of art that works. 

Each time you buy an Eco-Smart product, you're saving our planet a little at a time.  For every chair we can re-purpose, that's 50+ lbs that are saved from landfills and a bunch of energy and raw materials that would have been consumed to make a new product.  There's also a significant savings in the energy it would have taken to get that new product from the factory all the way to you and then there's the packaging.......  Plastic films, corrugated papers, styrofoams, etc.  Eco-Smart products save a lot more than just your hard-earned money.