SitOnIt Seating

Sitonit sells nice chairs.  The brand has grown steadily to become one of the leaders in the industry.  Their approach to seating has been copied by more than a few others in the office furniture industry.  

The business model of offering designer fabrics on basic chairs has been a winner and continues to be successful.  Interior designers, office furniture dealers, facility managers, and many others in the office furniture industry have found the SitOnIt products to be reliable seating solutions for a decent price. 

One of the interesting tidbits about SitOnIt is that they push the Made In USA and Green angles, but they are marginally correct.  The SitOnIt products are assembled in the USA from many imported components.  They assemble many of the office chairs in their Southern California factory.  Once complete, they ship cartons of chairs with lots of air and they ship them a long way in most cases.  This is anything but green or ecosmart or ecologically friendly.  It's wasteful on many levels. 

The popular SitOnIt chairs in todays market are the Wit, Novo, Torsa, Vectra, Hexy, and Amplify.  SitOnIt offers these chairs in a variety of colors of mesh and fabrics.  The upholstery options are from leading mills like Momentum, Architex, Maharam, Guildford, Designtex, Mayer, and others.