Steelcase Leap - The greatest chair ever made?

SInce the beginning of this pandemic, more people have been looking for a better alternative than the simple chair they bought at Sam's or Costco on one of their weekend re-stocking trips.  Those chairs look comfy and they make a great first impression, but after a few months of use, the lack of features and the lower-quality materials begins to show.  

I've heard so many office furniture dealers in Chicago and around the country say they need to find more Steelcase Leap chairs.  Version 1 Steelcase Leap chairs are a corporate workhorse and have been in service for 20+ years.  These chairs come with all the ergonomic features and are built like a tank.  The mechanism and ergonomic adjustments are conveniently located and with intuitive movements.  

It seems the pandemic and the work-from-home movement has enlightened people to the value and benefits of a decent office chair.  The one at the office was a workhorse that no one ever thought about until they had to sit in something else for 8 + hours a day.  

The Steelcase Leap chair has been updated and improved as are most long-running products.  The Steelcase Leap Version 2 is the refined classic Leap chair.  With a few refinements in design and functionality, the Steelcase Leap V2 has become one of the hottest chairs on the market.  

There are many chair buyers that have been wooed into buying the Herman Miller Aeron chair because they saw it on TV or heard about it.  It's an expensive chair and if you ask most people in the office furniture industry, they prefer something other than the Herman Miller Aeron chair.  Many professionals in the contract office furniture industry and commercial interior designer will tell you the Steelcase Leap chair is one of the all-time greatest office chairs.  The Steelcase Gesture is possibly the chair that can replace the Leap as the best office chair for commercial and home office applications.  

Available in fabric, leather, and other upholstery options, the Steelcase Leap is also available in Black and Polished Aluminum frames.  

The best value for a Steelcase Leap chair is to find a used option at one of the office furniture dealers in Chicago or nearby suburbs like Schaumberg, Naperville, Oak Park, Waukegan, Elmhurst, and more.  When shopping for a used or refurbished Steelcase Leap ergonomic office chair, be sure to test all the features.  The seat depth adjustment is often overlooked, but is very important to the ergonomic health of the user.  The armrests can adjust to fit most people and positions.  Check to make sure the armrest move up and down and the armrest caps should move forward and back as well as in and out.  The seat will also move up and down and some models enable you to tilt the seat forward and back.  

Check out the selection of Steelcase Leap chairs on Chicagoofficechair.com  

Steelcase Answer workstations are often used in offices with Steelcase Leap chairs.  Answer workstations and Answer fence are popular cubicle options and are often sold with Steelcase Leap chairs.  Two great products from Steelcase. 


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