How to check if an office chair is made for professional-duty use

There are a few ways to tell if an office chair is made for professional use or long hours in a home office. 

  1. Check the warranty.  Most chairs worth owning for professional use will offer a 10 year warrant or better.  
  2. Check the weight. The lighter the chair, the cheaper it is in most cases.   Less steel, foam, and plywood saves money.  Most chairs that can pass BIFMA standards need to use heavier materials.
  3. Check the foam. Is it cut-foam or molded foam in the seat cushion?  Cut foam is cheap and will get flat quickly.  The molded foam cushions that are medium firmness will usually last the longest and offer the best support.  Good foam weighs more, so you’ll likely notice it in the overall weight of the chair.
  4. Check the adjustments. Chairs that are designed for professional applications and 8-hour use are full of features that help the user maintain better posture, more comfort, safer conditions, and an optimized workplace for wellness and longevity.  Seat depth, seat height adjustment, adjustable arms, and a good cushion are the must-have features to make your workplace more productive and improve your longevity.
  5. Check the design. Is the chair made to look cool or is it made to sit well?  Many chairs can achieve both, but there are also plenty that look awesome but sit like a bench.   The soft and cushy chairs with lots of padding everywhere are not the best option either.  An office chair that has some design elements is nice in many spaces, but make sure they didn’t sacrifice usability in the name of mega-cool designer lines. 

If you check the 5 things outlined above, you’re much more likely to buy the right office chair for your needs and feel good about your choice.     

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