Buy your new office chair after you test drive your options at local office furniture dealers

Sit before you commit.  Try before you buy.  

Why invest in an office chair without trying it first?   

If you are shopping for a good quality chair that you will be using for your living or even a good side gig, think of your office chair as part of your work tools.  A healthy posture and correct ergonomics could mean the difference between wellness and chronic muscle and joint pain from incorrect sitting.   Buying the right chair is important, but getting it adjusted to fit you properly and knowing how to leverage the features of your chair is even more important.  I've seen people sitting in high-end seating from Steelcase or Herman Miller that could and should be an awesome sit, and yet someone is too high off the floor because they don't know the little lever on the side of the seat makes the chair go up and down.  And then there's all the other adjustments.  Seat depth, adjustable lumbar, 4-axis adjustable armrests, seat tilt, synchro-tilt mechanisms, and other features are standard on most quality ergonomic chairs.  Be sure to ask about these options before buying your new chair.  Ask the sales person to demonstrate the ergonomic features so you can fully understand your new chair and how it's going to be one of the best new tools in your office.  

If you live in Chicago or the surrounding area, you're in luck because there are a lot of good office furniture dealers and most have showrooms where you can test drive your new chair before you have to spend a bundle of money. 

These are also good places to check out the higher end of the market.  Before you go to Staples or another big box store, check out the professional-grade products sold by office furniture professionals.  The products they offer are going to last longer and perform better.  Most offer a better value over the chairs you can find in a strip mall or big box store.  There's a lot of overhead in the stuff they sell.  Spend you hard-earned money with someone that does chairs everyday and will be there to help if it ever comes up.  

1.  Top on the list for office furniture dealers that are closest to downtown with the best selection and presentation is Office Furniture Center on Cicero and Roosevelt.  They actually have one of the best showrooms in the business.  Not just in Chicago, but in the country.  Test drive office chairs from Steelcase, Herman Miller, HON, Allsteel, Beniia, Sitonit, Knoll, and many more.  

2.  In the western suburbs, be sure to stop in at Villa Park Office Furniture.  They have a great selection of new and used office furniture and offer design and installation services.  The team at Villa Park can build your new home office and deliver it to your door or more.  They offer great out-the-door deals on office chairs and desks, adjustable tables, and ergonomic tools that will improve office efficiency and wellness.  

3.  As you drive towards Milwaukee, you get to Waukegan, and if you're in that area, you should drive over to RJ Furniture.  They are a full service dealer and have a nice showroom with very friendly and professional people.   You'll be able to test some of the top chairs in the industry before you have to buy.  They specialize in helping businesses make better choices for office furniture and deliver savings and value with years of service in the office furniture industry. 

4.  I like history and one of my favorite things in the office furniture industry is the classic furniture.  Mid century modern pieces like Knoll sofas and Eames chairs and Noguchi tables,  Nelson benches, Barcelona chairs and similar have always been on my list of cool furniture/art collectibles.  If you like these as well, check out Whole Office Furniture in Addison.  They have a selection of interesting items.  The owner is somewhat of a curator of modern designer furniture and has a great eye for design and color.  

5.  Office Furniture Resources in DesPlaines is another great resource for everything office furniture.  From products to services, they have it all.  They've been around for a long time and have a large showroom area with lots to try.  Used office furniture is one of their specialties.  They have a selection of Steelcase Leap chairs, Herman Miller Aeron Chairs, Knoll Life chairs, Knoll Generation chairs, Steelcase Gesture chairs, Humanscale Liberty chairs, and many others.  

Before you buy an office chair, you owe it to yourself to visit one of the professionals to test drive your options before you commit. 

You can buy it there, or come home and buy online.  Once you know the chair that fits you best, why not do your final research online and find the best deal for you before you buy your new computer chair.   Some sites offer free delivery and others will offer free assembly and delivery.  Buy local with local delivery and you can have a new office chair delivered to your door fully assembled and ready to start working right away.  No assembly, no work, no cardboard, no tools, just a new chair that is ready for work.

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